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Amanda Bradford got her MBA from Stanford and raised a couple million dollars to start a dating app that's supposedly loser-free.

Specifically, her app The League strives to use a Linked In-based algorithm to invite only young single people who are "mom and dad approved" to use it.

Apparently Bradford was pretty happy with them, since she re-posted them to her own Facebook account.

Oyer carries this metaphor over to people who are holding out for their soul mate, calling them “romantically unemployed.” He suggests flipping the narrative from “settling” for someone who isn’t perfect to finding a partner “who is really great,” he said. Eligible men are indeed scarcer than available women, especially in major cities.Does it even cross your mind that you are endorsing the idea that wealth, class and privilege determine a person’s character?” (FYI: We’re not printing the student’s name, since it’s not the name they used on Facebook."I just wanted to say, as a Stanford senior, I am totally and utterly ashamed that this dating service came out of possible to get more elitist than this?" The person wrote in response to an internship listing The League put on Facebook."Does it even cross your mind that you are endorsing the idea that wealth, class, and privilege determine a person's character?

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