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And about him being eliminated from 'American Idol' last night, Paul told People that Nikki is not bummed about the vote-off. Is Nikki consoling Paul, or is she simply being honest about his singing? We're both pretty busy, but it's been fun so far." 26-year-old Paul first met Nikki, 22, at the premiere of 'Red Riding Hood' a month ago.

After all the gossip about him and What did Nikki have to say about his departure from the show? "She said, 'Dude, you finally get to do your thing and be yourself and be the artist you are.' She is happy about the whole situation."Not too sure fans agree just yet, but maybe they will — after a solo album!Despite not yet confirming their relationship, the couple have been spending plenty of time together recently.Now, the Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have been dating for several months Speaking at the 2014 Creative Emmys, Ian, 35, said, "Life is good.With a title like ; in fact, it's a gorgeous listen.) But some of the most romantic tracks, like "The Best Part" and "All I Ever Wanted," were originally written and recorded during earlier stages of their marriage.Either way, the two now want the public focus to be on the music itself, not on their personal lives.

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"Both Nikki and I are so proud of this album," Paul tells Yahoo Music.

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