Now updating garrys mod please wait

And yes it IS the right url because it actually gives me a screen (This update is mainly targeted at optimization and stability.

First of all download hldsupdatetool from the VALVe webserver. Do not save it to where your server will be, this will cause a conflict resulting in the error: "Please close the half-life dedicated server update tool that is already running.I opened Garry's Mod earlier, and noticed that all of my addons (installed from the Steam Workshop) were missing. The files seem to still be on my hard drive, and the workshop shows I'm still subscribed to them;, and they load fine in offline mode. it may be because garrys mod just got a major update and it deleted any extra files (or add-ons). ” but it really excites me to think of how much people are going to be able to mod it now. We’re pretty much done implementing the GMod “Sandbox” mode, there’s just a few things to do and then that’s finished.

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