Nerve dating service

The site touts itself as the "first dating site for humans", differentiating itself by not asking users to write out descriptions and submit to an algorithm system for finding dates.

It uses conversation rather than essays or videos to soften new interactions. The red/gray/black/white theme is striking, yet somehow manages to look dated.

Ten years from now, it will be taken for granted that you can find a great date online.

Another Camelot client named Jill protests, "We're not lepers, it's not AIDS…it's just a rash.

Other Personals features include an advice column by Em and Lo and horoscopes for those seeking love.

Says Rufus Griscom, CEO of, Inc., “The combined strength of the Nerve and Salon brands, with some of the highest quality online content and over 5 million combined users on a monthly basis, has the power to energize the world of online dating.

Once registered, the user is directed to a page for creating a profile.

A notice that users are invisible to others until they upload a photo is prominent.

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