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I can't say she's my best friend, because she's not -- she's my daughter. " #babynumber2 #yepitstrue #noimnotkidding #imthinkingthesamething #yepimcrazy #butyepimlucky #SOlucky #trulygrateful #trulyamiracle I may not be certain of many things in my life but the one thing I am certain of is that I'm a good mother... A photo posted by therealstafford (@therealstafford) on Are you excited to hear about Stafford expanding her family?

What do you think about women having babies in non-traditional ways?

There's such torment attached to being single and trying to find a man these days. In the second episode I go on this date from hell that actually happened to me. This series is about Michelle Stafford but exaggerated elements of me. You root for her to succeed because she has so much hope.

Phyllis is way too important of a character to let her go away just because I'm leaving the show. Why is it so hard to accept that I just want to go?

We caught up with head writer Ron Carlivati to find out how he and showrunner Frank Valentini managed to pull this off.

The scribe reveals how it was Valentini's idea to sneak the soap superstar in to tape the top secret scene that aired today.

Ex-The Young and the Restless leading lady Michelle Stafford has joined the ABC sudser as Nina, presumed dead wife of Dr.

That was a very strong desire, to be responsible for another person.

And it's just -- you know, my daughter's just so... It's such a wild ride being a parent." To hear Stafford discuss more about parenting, her thoughts on Tony Geary's exit from GH, and how she kept her first child a secret for years, you can listen to the entire interview for free at Kroll What you're telling me is that I have to share my toys...?

And some think you're being punished for leaving, which is why Phyllis was put into a rather anticlimactic coma. You don't leave a show you love after 15 years because of one person, or two people. When I spoke to them about my decision to leave, I did say that I thought it would be a mistake to kill Phyllis. "If we say we're going to kill her, will that make you stay? I like that they have kept this role open and I totally support the idea of a recast. They've been very kind, and for the fans to think otherwise is just not right.

I don't have regrets because it was a very thought-out decision, not based on any kind of emotion, and a decision that took me a couple of years to reach. They want to blame your exit on [exec producer] Jill Phelps or [head writer] Josh Griffith. But, if people are pissed, I can see why they might find Jill and Josh an easy target. And I am being punished with the way they wrote out Phyllis! You know, it's kind of unnatural to be an actor on a soap and pretend to be another person for so many years.

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Just how much of a game-changer is The Staff's arrival for the 51-year-old daytime drama?

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