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And then it's the life of an actor -- you never know.

Surprise baby: Laura Linney gave birth to her first child on January 7 after keeping her pregnancy a secret.

They were both scared and panicking, practically in tears.

As we approached them, my date kept saying, "They're fine.

#thatswhatfriendsarefor #happyanniversary.' [sic] Tie dye is usually holiday territory.

Walking on the beach in a boho maxi dress springs to mind...

But I never made the connection between my own choices and these disappointments until I was sitting in my bathtub, where I do a lot of my best thinking, worrying about a good friend who was going through a difficult breakup.

Linney first appeared in minor roles in a few early 1990s films, including Lorenzo's Oil (1992) and Dave (1993), before coming to prominence in the public television miniseries Tales of the City in 1993., Laura Prepon plays the ultimate bodaciously boobtastic redheaded child of the Me Decade and embodies everything Mr.Skin would like to embrace from that titillating time: natural tits, all-out ass, and mmm-mmm muff! Skin for the full bio Taylor Schilling reminisces about her good times showering, starting out with her lesbian adventures with Laura Prepon where they are topless and making out. Then she's soaking her shock absorbers in a bathtub with Jason Biggs, and lastly she's being complimented on her "TV titties" in the prison showers. today, where she answered love life questions by saying she isn’t “actively looking” for a new love, but “if there’s a person, I would leave open the age, the color, the gender even. ”As she goes on and say what she’s looking for in a partner, Whoopi Goldberg says, “You’re starting to sound like me!

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