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I spoke to 20 women—women who self-identify as lesbian, queer, pansexual, and bisexual—about their experiences, hoping to form some kind of cohesive narrative.Tinder has been making marriages and headlines for years now., members of the LGBT community sit down to reflect on their experiences growing up gay and searching for love within the Mormon church.

For the first 18 years of my life, I was a perfect Mormon. I read and reread the story of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, who had met in 1950 and were first in line at the city clerk’s office. If you take one brick away, the whole tower collapses, which is horrible architecture for an actual tower.Levi goes further to explain how gay mormons can actually date each other but they are technically “in a gray or wrong area.The second that they have any type of physical contact they are sinning.” In the video below, hear more about what it’s like being gay and Mormon.I was president of my church youth classes; I always wore shirts with modest necklines; I never cursed out loud (and only typed “Damn it” into my TI-83 calculator when I was very, very upset). There’s a newspaper image of them pressing their foreheads together, eyes closed and smiling in the usually soulless government building. And so this legal decision, 2,500 miles away from my dorm room, destroyed my faith.And, because Mormonism is such an all-encompassing religion, it also destroyed my sense of self.

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