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And the most common response, by about one in six people in this age range, is to have had sex with just one person, As I revealed on Saturday, sexual activity actually is in decline, despite our apparently sex-obsessed age, with the typical British adult having sex just three times a month.

This figure is also true for the younger generation — but while this group might be having surprisingly little sex, they're having it with more people than they used to: 30 per cent of women aged 25 to 34 said they'd had more than ten partners.

One of the first jobs I got upon graduation was at the headquarters of one of Singapore’s post-secondary education institutes. One of them lecherously ‘checked me out’ from head to toe as I was talking to him in the corridor, on my way to the pantry.

I remember at least 2 men at management level being rather vulgar in their behaviour.

But what's really true about our sexual behaviour — and what's nothing more than myth?One evening, while we were having drinks after office hours with a couple of other male colleagues, he commented on my succulent and perky breasts and how he just wanted to sink his teeth right into them – complete with dramatisation and a growl (he was at his seat but snapped his teeth across the table in by direction)!Another dirty old man who worked at reception suggested rather ‘innocently’ that we go out for lunch at some ‘cosy restaurant’ one day, ‘just you and I’.All Srishti students and staff (both permanent and temporary, including faculty, visiting faculty, artists in residence, teaching substitutes, management personnel, regular, temporary, ad hoc employees, probationers, trainees, interns, office staff, support staff) are required to comply with this policy against sexual harassment.Also third party contractors, vendors and visitors (where feasible), are required to comply with this policy.

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