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Dominican literature has tended to be dominated by writers from powerful families and it's Early literature owes it's principal debt to the church men who led the colony's spiritual and intellectual life. Dominican Culture and literature fell on hard times with the coming of the Napoleonic wars and subsequent Haitian invasion.

In those days Universities, churches and even the Spanish language were under attack.

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Rickshaw is a mode of human-powered transport: a runner draws a two-wheeled cart which seats one or two persons.

They were later replaced by cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws.

Motorized bicycles, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles are growing in numbers in Asian countries. You will see some of the strangest motorized vehicles in both the cities and the country-side.

One such president decided to deal with the failing economy by changing the Each province and each city have their own celebrations as well.

For example, here in Tena there are festivals of Tena and also festivals for the Napo Province.

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Ecuador is a small country in northwestern South America.

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