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Channel 4 also explained how single parent Mischele Lewis was defrauded out of £1,550 by her fiance “Liam”, who she met online.

"We have one of our final rounds of auditions happening on Thursday, February 24 through to Saturday, February 26 so it would be great to get a good response from people this close to Valentine's Day."READ MORE: Chef shows Buntingford residents how to cook a delicious Valentine's meal Naked Attraction is produced by Studio Lambert, the production company who makes the likes of Gogglebox, Tattoo Fixers and Four in a Bed.

During their relationship, Heayns asked Todd to rent a lavish house under his name and Todd was also found to have paid his bills and housekeeping staff’s wages, while Heayns spent her money using five credit cards he took out in her name on prostitutes, strippers, hotels and fancy trips to London.

The total amount conned from Todd was £168,000, with the criminal even defrauding Todd’s 60-year-old mother, stealing £82,000 of her savings.

If you’re yet to watch last night’s Channel 4 documentary, My Online Nightmare, then we suggest you prepare yourself before you catch up.

The documentary highlights the sinister and dangerous side of online dating, exploring some of the most extreme cases of online deception.

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